To Blog, or not to Blog?

blog (blŏg)
n. A weblog.
intr.v. blogged, blog·ging, blogs
To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.

My first of many blogs, but where to begin? Yes, I have written other blogs before, on facebook and for VC, but this is the first blog written with the intention of having others follow. How better to start a string of blogs than to discuss blogging?

It seems many beach volleyball players nowadays are writing blogs of their daily and weekly endeavours. Since training and travel are a constant part of any amateur/professional athlete’s regime, we need to find any means necessary to keep in touch with friends and family. My parents seemed pretty excited when I told them the other day that I would like to blog on the Volleydome’s website. They tell me it’ll be good for business, but I know that my Mom will be especially excited that she’ll get to hear from me often. I’m ashamed to admit, I’m the typical son away from home who worries his mother by not calling daily. Sorry Mom.

While keeping friends and family happy, an added benefit of an athlete’s blog is that it’s displayed to the public eye.With all those eyes perusing my words, there’s plenty of opportunity for new friends, new fans and new contacts to be made. You never know when a good contact will come in handy. Myself and Maverick Hatch are heading to the Cayman Islands for a NORCECA event, and we will be staying with the contact of a contact of our friend, Chris Densmore. Thanks Chris! Aren’t connections grand?

As for my blog, I will do my very best to update it on a regular basis. Three times a week if possible.We’ll say Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for now, though dates may be subject to change. I still need to try blogging on tour before I can set it in concrete. I’m currently sitting in LaGuardia airport en route to the Caymans, so if I can blog here, I should be able to blog anywhere. I entrust you, old friends, new friends, and family, to keep me honest, however. If I miss a blog and you know how to reach me, scold me. Better yet, if I miss a blog and you know how to reach my parents, Don or Mylene, tell them to scold me.

My parents will be shocked at the length of this. They’re so used to asking a million questions and getting one word answers. They’ll finally be able to know what’s up in my life without having me respond with “nothin”. Since this is the first blog, I don’t expect much feedback, but all comments and suggestions are always welcome. Just leave a note for my parents or I, and I’m sure I will get it. We’ll see if I can get a volleydome.net email address so you can contact me directly in the near future.

Insert catchy sign-off here,
Ben Jammin

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