A week in the life

I haven't updated in a week because, let's face it, who doesn't want to look at the glorious beards and mustaches of all our heroes for a few days longer. Also because I wanted to post pictures of Halloween, but the edits to make them extra spectacular are still in the works. Expect them in the near future. Instead, I'll go over what a week on vacation entails. Don't get too excited, it doesn't involve much.

The typical day starts at about 11 and end around midnight. Note how I've included all the important details.

Not entertained? Alright, here's my second effort. I eat all my meals, and I go to the gym every other day or so. Otherwise, my off season is spent in relaxation. If an errand pops up, I have all the time I need to get it done. This past week specifically has seen me spend a lot of time trying to get my phone to work again. No luck so far, but hopefully it gets sorted out shortly. Not that I need it out here much anyhow.

Every so often, I take a bike down to the beach and just take in the scene that I know so well. Its a shame I'll be out of here by the end of next week. After all this time off from volleyball, it'll be nice to get back to the game, but I'd be lying if I told you leaving this California weather behind won't be upsetting.


Ben Jammin

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