A Big Announcement

A couple days ago, the entry list for the FIVB World Championships in Rome, Italy were announced. We are on it. It's official, Christian and I will be attending the biggest tournament of the year as the only Canadian team on the male side. Only by the narrowest of margins did we make it ahead of fellow countrymen Josh Binstock and Rich Van Huizen, and even then only thanks to the promoter choosing us as a Wildcard. It's a shame only one of us could get the Wildcard, because both teams have shown they deserve to be there by qualifying for main draws, but at the same time I'm glad we were the team chosen. And we intend to make the most of it.

This will be Christian's second World Championships, and my first. Hopefully the first of many, but for now my focus is on Rome. If Ryan Marsden was our coach, I imagine our team name would be YQR (Your Quest is Rome), though I suppose YQL might be more fitting. Rome will be the biggest tourney of my career to date, and therefore biggest chance to prove myself. And Christian is probably kind of excited too. Not to mention Worlds could play a major factor in qualifying for the Olympics in 2012. Can you tell I'm excited?

Another milestone comes in a week and a half. My first Grand Slam event in Beijing, China. Another big tournament that, until this year, I have not had enough entry points to attend. Thanks again Christian. I'm honestly not a big fan of China, but we did pretty well last time we were there, so let's do it again, this time in Beijing. The venue will be exciting enough at least, the tournament is being held at the same venue where Beach Volleyball was played at the 2008 Olympic games.

To top it all off, I was able to take a brief trip home to Calgary. Whenever i'm there I always make sure to do some blocking work with my dad, just for a little refinement. And I always seem to block better for the few tournaments afterwards, which is great timing, since the next couple tournaments are the same ones previously mentioned in this blog. Plus being home is always so relaxing, takes away a lot of the stress that living out of a suitcase for months on end can bring. Just the break any athlete loves to take.

All in all, a good week.

Ben Jammin

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  1. Congratulations! We're really excited for you and will be keeping a close eye on the tournaments. Keep posting any links for online video :)