When in Rome

I've had a slight problem with electronics over the last couple weeks, but everything has now been resolved and I can finally post about 2011's biggest tournament. In retrospect, i probably should have taken more pictures, because Rome is easily the most eye-catching venue I have ever played at. The Championships were played at Stadio Olympico, with giant statues surrounding the side courts, and a 10,000 seat stadium to view center court. Thanks to a new advertising initiative by the FIVB (FIVB Heroes) there were giant posters of a few of the athletes all over the city. Kerri Walsh and Emanuel Rego even got their own statues.

Though Christian and I didn't get any statues, we did turn a few heads with our play. Every tournament we're getting a little bit better, and making fewer mistakes. We had a chance to eliminate Ricardo/Marcio (both ex-World Champions) from the tournament if we had closed out the third set of our match, and then they went on to finish 2nd in the tournament. Just a couple more points here and there and results will start flowing. I know I'd rather make it start happening sooner than later, Christian and I will be pushing for some top 10 finishes before this summer is through. 

I won't waste all your time reading and looking at pictures though. The highlight of this blog is in fact a highlight reel of Christian and I during the 2011 World Championships in Rome, Italy. Enjoy!

Ben Jammin

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