Getting over the hump

This is kind of a follow up from last weeks blog. After being so frustrated from another weekend getting 25th in Stavanger, Christian and i finally broke through to the playoffs in Gstaad, Switzerland. Turns out bitter might be better after all. After a couple months of climbing uphill, we've finally pushed past pool play. The next step will be to get some playoff wins, and we'll finally be at the greener grass on the other side. Once the confidence that we can get, should get, and have gotten results, the downhill will finally get started, and results will get picked up along the way.

What better setting to talk about moving up and downhill than Gstaad? A small tourist town right in the midst of the Swiss Alps. This is one of the only places this year that I've I actually been somewhat of a tourist. It's hard not too, when everything there is oh so Swiss. Swiss cheese, Swiss chocolate, Swiss banks, Swiss army knives, Swiss Alps, Swiss dairy cows, a Swiss Chalet and whatever else Swiss that I can't even think of right now.

The most notable moments aside from getting through the qualifier yet again, and finally getting out of our pool:

1 - Cheese Party with the Canadians in our chalet:
Say Cheese!
2 - The View

3 - Jumping off a Mountain:

4 - Last but not least, Having lots of Swiss Chocolate bars to take home with me. Let me know if you want one before they're all gone!

Ben Jammin

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