People Don't Care About Meh

Be sure to note the H at the end of this blog's title, just in case anyone thought I was having a mental crisis.

In fact, I'm blogging about self promotion. Inspired by a speech given today by Dave Caughran post National Championship Technical meeting, I've decided I need to keep my blog updated. I'm not sure what I was expecting going into Dave's spiel, but the title of this blog will probably stick with me. Even though in person I may seem a little withdrawn, and a lot of attention might make me blush a little, I do like to know when something I've said or done has impressed someone. Meh upkeep of my blog won't keep people interested, just like meh tournaments results won't impress.

So let's start this weekend. Time to bring home some hardware. Not only would that make me happy, but it would give me something much better than meh to write about.

We start early tomorrow though, and it's already late tonight, so I need to get my 40 winks.
I hope to see a lot of people out at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto this weekend to catch all the action.
Our first match is at 8:30am EST vs. Chitan/Brooks on Center Court

Ben Jammin

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