Thomas Quinet

About a year ago, I wrote about my little cousin and his battle with Cystic Fibrosis. On Sunday, September 4th the fight became too much. Unable to find a sufficient donor in time, Thomas Quinet passed in the Toronto Children's Hospital, with his family by his side.

Over his last couple years, I got to know Tom a little bit. Despite their circumstance, he, my aunt and my uncle all shared very optimistic outlooks, that have helped me to see past all my own little worries, which were always minute in comparison. Whenever I was able to make a visit, Tom was always eager to kick my ass at Madden, or MLB, or Wrestling, or Racing, or whatever Xbox game he was playing at the time. I may be an athlete in real life, but Tom could sure outplay me at sports games. He and his parents even managed to make it out to watch the 2010 National Championships (though I didn't do so well). And even though I hate to lose, I was glad to see that my inferiority gave him pleasure, because he deserved every opportunity to smile that he could get.

A few times during my visits I was able to accompany Thomas and my uncle Marc out for a walk. It wasn't too far at first, just to the end of the hall and back at first, but the last time I went we made it a couple blocks. Those walks were what really cemented Tom's spirit in my mind. He fought hard for every extra step, just as he fought hard for every breath during his lifetime and his parents were proud and supportive of every moment.

A few weeks ago, however, things took a turn in the wrong direction. A donor had yet to be found and breathing was becoming too much of a struggle, and Thomas was forced into intensive care to be attached to an artificial lung machine. My aunt and uncle stayed by his side almost the entire time, and pushed for donors through media outlets, while all of us, his family and friends, prayed for a positive match to be found. Marc and Suzanne managed to make it out to Ashbridges Bay to watch Christian and I win the 2011 National Championship title. I was overjoyed that I was able to give them a positive experience during their time of hardship and some good news to relay to Tom in his hospital bed. But without a match, it was only a matter of time, and at 14 years of age, Thomas finally gave everything he had.

His fight was inspirational, as is the fight of every man woman and child in need of our help. All it takes is one person to donate to save another persons life. Let Tom's battle be an inspiration to all to support finding more donors. Even if his body can no longer be saved, his memory can be preserved by helping to save others. From what I knew of him and my aunt and uncle, I know they all would want that.

Rest in Peace
Thomas Paul Quinet

Ben Jammin


  1. I am very sorry to hear that. I am unsure if you were aware of this but Tom had a quite successful YouTube account for which he liked to make videos in his free time. I knew him for over a year on YouTube and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Please give his family my best.

  2. R.I.P Thomas.

    May you be happy forever.

  3. Respects from the UK
    R.I.P Thomas
    Great work on YouTube ive watched all of them

  4. so sorry to hear about poor little thomas i was readin the comments that the sick horrible people said about him on youtube some people just havent got a clue what it would be like if they went through something like poor thomas did i wish thomas`s family all the best p.s ur youtube vids are awsome watched all of them R.I.P little fighter

  5. I met Thomas's Dad, Marc at a reception at CHEO tonight. We got chatting and discovered we had both lost sons (Thomas, last year, and our infant son, Andrew, almost 22 years ago). I was so glad to meet Marc, and to learn about his wonderful son. May Marc and Suzanne continue their healing journey, and know that Thomas' memory will live on. You touched me with your story. P.S. Happy Birthday to Thomas.

  6. Its sad,but im happy he is in a better place now and will no longer be in any pain,he will always be with you in spiret rest in pice thomas.