In My Right Mind

Hello friends. It's been a little while. I was meaning for my next blog to be a new "Cooking with Ben Jammin", but I got a whopping zero recipes. A few people told me they had something good for me to try, but nobody followed through and actually sent me anything, so I just didn't eat for the last month. K maybe not quite, if you know me, you know I ate, and probably ate a lot. I'll give you a second chance though, send in those meal ideas, especially if you think I won't be able to cook it. If I screw up, that's just good reality tv, right?

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Exclamation point!

So instead of a fun little video, I'm going to torture you and make you actually read something instead. All about my exciting life over the last month. Now I may have thrown you with the word exciting just now, because actually, when I'm not on tour, life is all about routine. I do the same thing day after day. On the long days there's up to 7 hours of physical activity. On the other long days there's up to 24 hours of tired and sore muscles. And on yet other long days there's nothing to do so I have tv show marathons, but the latter don't come quite as often as the others. To summarize, a lot of long physical days, with a rest day here and there.

So how do I not go crazy? Well, some might say it's too late for that, I went crazy long ago. Which accounts for most of my entertainment. But when insanity just isn't good enough, I go to my reserve activities. Like I mentioned earlier, getting lost in a good tv series can help to pass some time, and I've watched my fair share. I don't watch too many movies, because then what will I do on plane rides over the summer? Then there's books of course, speaking of which, I've updated Benny's blog again, it was a long time coming. Then there's games. Games of all kinds, shapes, sizes, strategies, objectives, or competitiveness. Whenever I'm not playing a game, I'll often make a game out of whatever I'm doing. For instance lately, whenever I have a little ways worth of walking to do, I try to see how many steps along the sidewalk I can take with my eyes closed before I either too scared of crashing and have to open them, or else actually crash. My record is 28 without cheating. I would say try it, but if I do, someone might wander into the street, so I won't encourage it.
Fellow National Beach Volleyballer Martin Reader and I playing a game at six flags a few years back

Games are my favorite way to pass the time. So it's no wonder I play a game for a living, and have done so for the past 13 or so years without getting sick of it.

Get those recipes in! 
Do it!

Ben Jammin