And So It Begins... Again

Another winter ended, another season begun. Time to see where this year's off season has taken us. After spending the last two weeks in Huntington Beach, California for some outdoor training, we've now dropped even further south, and a few time zones east to Brasilia, Brazil for the real deal. It's first FIVB Open of the year, and not a moment too soon. Women's Country quota matches start today, and the first men's matches will be played on Tuesday, with a couple Canadian teams going toe to toe for a spot in the qualifier on Wednesday (Van Huizen/May vs. Schalk/Zbyszewski).

It's been as long a wait as with every year before, and I personally am itching to get back into action. Training has been going really well both on the sand at North Beach and in the gym at FITS Toronto this year. But the reason we train so hard is to improve, and to point of improving is to win. So lets see just how much better we've gotten, shall we?

Last year, Christian and I started off well by qualifying in our first Open event in Shanghai, now let's see if we can repeat that here in Brasil. We'll have a top 8 seed in the qualifier, meaning a spot in the main draw is there for the taking. All that's left to do is win.

Mental Checklist:

  • Do I feel stronger/fitter/more in shape? Check
  • Have my skills improved from last year? Check
  • Am I motivated to win? Check
  • Am I confident in my preseason preparation? Check
  • Am I ready? Absolutely
Ain't nothing left to it but to do it

Ben jammin

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