Off to a Good Start

In the wake of the Porec Major Series, Canada's most successful World Tour event ever (To date, hopefully we can start to make it a regular occurrence). I just wanted to give out my congratulations to the people who truly deserve it. So without further ado, congratulations to Jamie Broder, Kristina Valjas, Heather Bansley, Sarah Pavan, Josh Binstock, Sam Schachter, and Chaim Schalk on a great start to the 2015 FIVB beach season.

It's taken a lot of spent energy and spent dollars for each of us, but it seems to be serving us well. And a big thank you to everyone in each of our teams personal support bubbles. All of our personal coaches, trainers, families, friends and sponsors deserve a lot of praise as well for believing in us as we put our whole lives into such a lofty goal with little support but for you guys. It's still early in the season, and I don't speak for the other athletes, but I'm sure we are all looking to continue the trend.

Ben Jammin

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