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I haven't blogged on this page in a while, thanks to this last year's arrangement with Swatch Major Series, and possibly for the future season as well, but only time will tell. And by now you may have heard of some changes on the horizon in terms of team composition, but that's not why I'm writing right now. Today this blog is being used for promotion purposes, for an event that's very near and dear to me as a founding member of the West Coast Beach Volleyball Society:
The 2nd Annual Play with the Pros.

First, a quick description of the event:
Basically it's meant as a tournament for anyone (truly anyone) who happens to be in the vicinity of Vancouver on December 2nd and is interested in beach volleyball. Teams of 4 will play off against each other as they would in any other rec tournament but with the added bonus of getting a different pro player on their team for each match. The selection of Pros ranges from the studs of the local Kits Beach tours to Canadian and American Olympians (Including the myth, the legend, April Ross). Another bonus from last year's event is that this time around each team is guaranteed a minimum of 8 matches, so you'll get your money's worth. The details in full, including how to register, can be found at https://www.wecobevo.com/2nd-annual-play-with-the-pros
Just try to do so before November 10th, because that's the early bird cut-off and it gets a little pricier from there, plus you may be eligible for early bird surprises.... just saying.

Now if your excuse for not playing with the pros is "I'm not good enough", then you don't know what the event is all about. The funny thing is, this is the most common comment from everyone we've asked to play, including the pros oddly enough, who would all still be awesome with their eyes closed (go ahead, test me). The fact of the matter is, this beach event is not about being good, it's about enjoying the game from top to bottom, and about supporting the growth of the sport in the west coast of Canada.

It's a rare opportunity, where someone can be discovering the sport for the first time alongside a full time player who lives and breathes volleyball. Where a super fan can share the court with their hero. Where a local volleyball junkie can get their fix with or against an international contender.

The basis of the event is not to exploit those who "aren't good enough", it's to encourage everyone to want to get better by highlighting the most fun parts of the game - being active, getting dirty, and flailing your limbs at a little round object. New players will see that those with just a bit more experience aren't so far away and might be encouraged to join an Urban Rec league or similar. Mid level or youth athletes might look at the local pros and find incentive to compete next season on the KBVA or KWVC or the Vancouver Open. Most important of all, in my mind, is that anyone at all might see the passion and enjoyment that the highest level pros bring to the court when they play, and it will inspire them to make beach volleyball a bigger part of their lifestyle. And that's just one way that Play with the Pros can help to grow the game.

The charitable aspect is another reason to want to participate. All proceeds from the tournament as well as the silent auction (available to all who attend), will go towards the development of the sport in Western Canada. The mission of West Coast Beach Volleyball Society is to develop a training hub on the west coast to give all athletes in our very large country a chance, and an incentive, to keep playing the sport beyond the recreational level. It would give those athletes in the west with a massive drive the chance to pursue the highest level of beach volleyball without needing and equally massive bank account.

So that's my spiel, hopefully I've convinced you to be a part of our big night. If you're unable to play but still want to be involved, we are still accepting auction item donations. Donate over $300 worth and you can be featured on the website, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have something to offer. Maybe I'll donate 1 blog post to the auction, to see if my musings have become worth a little something, Start the bidding at 1 beverage.

See you December 2nd?
Ben Jammin

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