It's easy to get excited. In most cases, all it takes is one little thing to set the mood in motion. An action, an event, heck, even a pretty girl walking by. Anything that gets your heart racing and your blood pumping. No, I'm not about to write about all the lovely Brazilian ladies (Though there have been one or two who merit a second glance). It's time to talk tournament. The qualifier for the Brasilia Open is only a couple days away and, as with any tournament, emotions are starting to set in.


Hurry up and start already. Let's get things going, I've been training all winter, it's time to play! What is taking these last few days so long?!


I hope we get a good draw. Did we prepare enough? Did I? How well will our opponents play? I hope the food here is good and won't make me sick. Did I set my alarm right?


We can beat anybody out here. We've done it all week at practice. It's time to beat down on some chumps. Bring me my next victim.


We're ready. This is what we're here for, time to relax and let things happen. One match, one set, one point at a time. Let's do what we came here to do.


Is that Dalhauser? Rogers? Ricardo? etc. They're pretty good. I wonder if I'll get to play them. That would be sweet to tell all my friends.


Time to play. Awesome, these tournaments is the reason I do what I do. Let's have some fun. I love this game.

Which, when it all gets thrown together in my mind, yields:


Did I prepare enough? Absolutely! I just want to play! I hope we get to play Phil and Todd, so we can show them what we're made of. But until then, we just gotta take it one play at a time. As long as we stay healthy, this should be a solid tournament. Time to get the ball rolling, time to do some serious damage!
I love this game.

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