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I know it's not part of the regular weekly rotation, but I received a question yesterday afternoon and after looking it over, realized it wouldn't really make sense to provide the answer next Saturday since by then our tournament in Brasilia will be done. So I decided I would write a quick response today as an addition to yesterday's All Request Saturday. You wouldn't want me to cut into the really riveting Monday topic tomorrow after all, now would you?

Do you think you're ready? and what are you doing to prepare for international events?
– Derrick Kolke

I'll start by explaining how we've prepared, because that more or less leads into the answer to if we're ready.

The preparation for this season began when the last season ended. About a week after getting back to Canada from Sanya, China (the location of our last event of the previous season), I was back in the sand. All winter long I've been doing beach training at Beach Blast in Toronto with coaches Lennard Krapp and Angie Shen, and physical training with CSCO Director for Sport Lab and Physical Preperation, Chris Dalcin. Jessi's been training with us on the sand, but has his own hired physical trainer. The NORCECA's also served to prepare us for competition, and though we aren't happy with 2nd place, it just serves to motivate us further.

As for preparing for Brasilia specifically, we've spent the last week in Joao Pessoa with a fairly elite training group of a few of the top Brasilian (also top World Tour) players. This way we get a feel for the climate, and for the skill level with which we will need to compete.

Now, do I think I'm ready? Personally, I seldom think I'm ready. I am a bit of a perfectionist when I train, and there's always something that can be improved in almost every set of skills.

Do I think Jessi and I have the capability to tear it up at the coming World tour event in Brasilia?

Is there still a lot of work that needs to be done?

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