Moving On

Qualifiers can be frustrating. No one wants to travel halfway around the world just to play one match. When you win, and make it into the main draw, it's all worth it. But when you don't, it's hard to stay positive. I sit there sulking over what I should have done better. If I had just done this, or done that, then it might have been a happy ending.

But hindsight is always 20/20 vision. Getting pissed off won't make life any easier. Nobody wins everything. The ability to learn from and bounce back from a loss is part of the reason the best teams are so revered. If anything, the anger and frustration from a first round loss should only be used as fuel for the next match. And I fully intend to use it as such.

My creative juices aren't really flowing today, so I suppose I'll finish off with a quick recap of our match yesterday. The Venezuelans consist of two high flyers, with solid ball control. The match started out all right, we went point for point, and led 11-10 at the first technical. The second half of the set saw them earn a few points, and us miss a lot of serves. The second set started similarly, with us going up 11-10 at the first technical. They started to serve tough, tagging lines, and we fell behind quickly. We clawed our way back, but it wasn't enough. They went on to win their next game handily as well, and are now in the main draw of the tournament.

It could just have easily been us if this or that had happened. But it's no use to cry about it now. We'll be back bigger and better for the next tournament. And we'll only get stronger in the tournaments to come.


  1. As I write this 4 Brazilian teams are the last undefeated teams in the tournament. Obviously the Brazilians are ahead at the start of the season after their pre FIVB tournament schedule. Next year will you go to Brazil in March or can the Norceca tournaments prepare you just as well?

  2. Too bad buddy. At least you got something out of the time spent training there, and hopefully next game those little detailed things will go your way just enough more.
    Love you. Milou