2328 Danforth Ave.

Tonight, we move out. I can't say I'll miss the place too much, though the rent was cheap, and it isn't far from the beach. Our little 3 bedroom place situated directly on top of the Blue River House pub served its purpose over the fall and winter months. With a summer loaded with travel forthcoming, that purpose has now been fulfilled, and it's time for us to move on to bigger and better things.

Originally, we were expecting awesome adventures like the cast of modern day sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, who also live just above a pub. If a TV show can revolve around a group of people who go for a beer every night at McClaren's, then why can't we do the same at Blue River House, right? Well technically, I suppose we could have, and Harmand, the pub owner is a nice enough guy. It's just the area of town that sets us back. In the show, it seems their place is surrounded by babes. Instead, we deal with the sketchy, sometimes rowdy characters that occupy our block.

But like all places of residence, there were memories, both good and bad.

The Good:
-Getting free furniture from craigslist and friends to furnish the place
-Many random conversations with Harmand at our front door
-Countless Bruins vs. Flames best of 7 series's on NHL 10
-Attempts at cooking
-12 packs of Oreos for 10$
-Mario Parties
-Getting an exercise ball and foam roller that seldom got used
-Caleb and Adam Barthel, the Sailors
-2-4-1 Pizza being right next door

The Bad:
-Cold Nights
-Loud Nights
-Taking lots of critisism on my attempts at cooking
-The distance from our place to the airport
-Animosity between Chaim and Maverick. Particularly during volleyball or aforementioned NHL 10 games

The Ugly:
- My bedroom for the majority of the year

And thats just what I remember. But it's time to move on to bigger and better things. To make new memories, hopefully with more goods than bads, though it's possible wherever I live my room will always be ugly.



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  1. Do you know where you're moving next?

    I suggest HB where there's a big empty room with your name on it (at least after July).