Everyone wishes they could see the world, and people always tell me how lucky I am to be able to do just that. The reality of it is, I still wish I could see the world. Sure, I'm in a different city every week, but traveling as a tourist is one thing, as a beach volleyball player it's a whole different ball game. I know tourism isn't a ball game, but I'm sure you catch my drift.

Since we do all our training at home, those are the conditions we're used to, and those are the conditions we want to play in. Which means an all these trips we take, were not trying to experience how different their culture is. We just want to make it feel as much like home as possible. The most cultural things that we inevitably come across are the people, and the food. Especially pre-tournament. Afterwards there might be a little more time to be a good old fashioned tourist.

For example, this last week in Poland, two days before the tournament, Jessi, Josh Binstock, Matt Zbyscewski, Christian Redmann, and Rich Van Huizen didn't go hit the town and see all the crazy sights that Myslowice has to offer. Instead we went to a nice little restaurant, then thought about seeing a movie, but ended up going bowling instead. Essentially, something we might have done back home to have a little fun. Matty Z is quite a Big Lebowski by the way. Though he didn't have the pleasure of bowling a turkey like I did at the end.

Now that, literally, is a whole different ball game.


Ben Jammin

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