I'm Ba-ack

After a week long Hiatus, I have returned to the silver screen. or at least the LCD Screen. China was a difficult place to blog from due to the nation wide ban on mass communication sites. But thanks to a 19 hour trip back to Canada, and then a 4 hour flight back home to Calgary, I'm back to free speech, and full blogging capacity.

What? You had no idea I was coming back to Calgary?
Well first of all, it isn't for long, just a few days, then I head back to Toronto for some pre-Poland training. Second, I didn't know know myself until Tuesday evening after being eliminated from the qualifier. Losing hit me hard, home sickness set in a little, and I decided its time for a little break to clear my head a little. Its the first chance I've had to come home since the Christmas holidays, and what better time to do it than Mother's Day. What better gift to give than to give her another mouth to feed, laundry to wash, and most importantly, an oldest son to love. Thanks Mom, and thanks to all the other mom's out there as well.

I also happened to be around for the Men's Open Indoor Volleyball National Championships. I didn't realize it in time to get my name on a roster, but I did manage to catch up with several of my old Golden Bears team mates playing for FOG. They won the title
for a 6th straight year, and 10th time overall according to club founder George Tokarsky.

All in all it's good to be back. Back to blogging, back home, back with friends, and back with my family. And after a nice relaxing break, it will be good to be back on the sand in a couple days as well.


Ben Jammin

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