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Don't worry, I am alive and well. I apologize for taking so long to update everyone with a new blog. Would you believe me if I told you I've spent the last few weeks trying to think up a topic to keep everyone enthralled? Well good, because you shouldn't. Rack that one up to sheer mental laziness. Shame on me!

So here's a quick rundown of how things went during my internet absence since the OVA tourney ended way back in late June, complete with several pictures. Enjoy:

Got a ride back to Toronto from Jay Nuttall, thanks again Jay.
Picture taken by Jay himself, by accident, but very artsy nonetheless.

Became a Star Alliance Elite Status Member
Received several Upgrade coupons in the mail

Flew home to Calgary, took a quick break

Trained at the Volleydome for a few days with
Scott Lahey, Jason Hofer, Josh Muise, Jeremy
King, and of course, lifetime coach, my dad

Played an AVA tournament at John Fry park in Edmonton. Finished second to Lahey/Hofer.

Stayed in Edmonton for the week, played several games of Settlers of Catan with Justin Merta and Jeff Ross. Went 1 for 10 - Brutal.
Trained at Malmo beach courts with young National athletes, Cam Wheelan, Ben Chow, Garret May, and Nick Del Bianco.

<<==Cooked dinner for Steve and I. Bon Apetit!
^^^Had a little too much fun at West Edmonton Mall....^^^

Finished 3rd at Sawridge Pro-Beach event in Slave Lake, AB

Used a coupon and flew first class to LA.
Cuz we're Ballers!
(No I'm not holding anything, my hand is just like that for some reason)

Trained in Huntington Beach for a week and coached some developing youth athletes. I don't know everyone's last name, but best of luck to all six athletes in the future: Alex, Brett, Cole, Jack, Mac, and Sean.

Flew out to Marseille, France to make some final preparations before Steve and I appear in our first FIVB World Tour Open event together.
Qualifier starts tomorrow, wish us luck.


Ben Jammin

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