Bad things come in 3's

It's a saying that someone said to me very recently. Here's a question, if more than three bad things happen, does that falsify the statement, or does that mean the bad streak will continue until I hit 33 bad things, or 3^3, which makes 27, so I guess I would prefer that. I may never know the answer, but I have learned something. Many bad things happening in a row tends to make for a pretty ugly week.

It started off well enough. I used some upgrade coupons on the first couple legs of my flight. From Vancouver to Toronto, then Toronto to London, I was riding in style. When I showed up in Toronto, and my luggage hadn't made it, I wasn't overly worried. They told me it would make it on the next flight and be in within half an hour, which was fine, I had plenty of time until my next flight. I took it as a good thing because odds were, that if it didn't make it on this flight, then they shouldn't get lost again, right?


I landed in London with 4 hours until my next flight on to Norway. The first hour was spent waiting and speaking with baggage services. According to them, there were no flags put on my bad, which caused me to wait around for yet another hour as alerts were sent throughout the airport looking for my bag before I finally filled out a baggage claim form and headed to my next departure. Things have not looked up from there.

Here's a list of all the problems we've had since passing through London:
-Steve's bag also got lost on the way
-This is the one time I decided not to pack my playing shorts in my carry on, so I was forced to play with shorts that say "Schalk" - Thank goodness there are other players on tour with shorts similar to ours, and thank you Chaim for lending them to me
-We got a very good draw to match up against very beatable teams in the qualifier, and then played just awful
-Norway is so expensive and we are losing money fast, especially since hotels cost about 200$/night, and a cheap meal is 25$
-Thanks to the above, I'm very close to maxing out my credit card
-Thanks to no luggage, I've had to wear the same clothes all week

Saturday morning we leave for Finland, and I only hope I will at least have my luggage by then. As soon as that bag gets here, I will be extremely excited, hopefully it will make for a much more pleasant next week.


Ben Jammin


  1. Shouldn't Air Canada give you money for new clothes since they can't find your luggage?

    This only mean by the way that in Finland you are going to kick some ass and take gold home!

  2. That's too bad, hopefully things start looking up soon! At least you have awesome hair...
    love you and good luck in Finland! Milou