Friday the Thirteenth

Don't worry, this isn't a horror blog. No hockey mask clad, chainsaw wielding psychos were present today, though I suppose the night is still young, and who knows where Jason Voorhees is these days. If anyone can bypass the hefty Norwegian prices, it might be him.

But enough about that, like I said earlier, that's not what this blog is about. In fact, I only have good news to give. Finally. For those of you who read a couple days ago, you've probably already guessed at the info. My luggage finally decided to join me in Norway, just in time for me to head on out to the island of Aland, in between Sweden and Finland.

It's not the first time the number 13 has been good to me. For some, the number is an ill omen. For me, it has brought nothing but good things. For volleyball in particular.

Looking back on my indoor volleyball career, every time that I wore the number 13, the team I was on won a National Championship. 18U Club Nationals with Canuck YQM in 2006, and twice with the Golden Bears in 2008 and 2009. The fact that I wore 13 had absolutely no bearing on us winning or losing, but it's an interesting coincidence.

Thirteen is my favorite number, and it's only fitting that a Friday the Thirteenth would be the day to turn a rough week into a positive start to the weekend. The trip to Aland starts tomorrow, so I can only hope things keep getting better and better.

Now before you get off your comp, I suggest you give this maze game a try. I bet you can't get to level 4.


Ben Jammin

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