It's about that time again. Nationals championships are under way, and all the top teams in the country are here in one place, vying for the top spot. I'll keep it short, since it's late, and we have an early match tomorrow morning. We're going into the tournament with the 4th seed, and we're looking to come out of it with number one. But it will in no way be a cakewalk to do so, as there are several teams that could contend on a good day.

Anyone who's in Toronto and interested in coming to check us out, here's our match schedule:

9:00am - vs. QC (/Ouellette)
10:00am - vs. QC (Allaire/Fecteau-Boutin)
2:45pm - vs. ON (Podstawka/Goss)
9:00am - vs. ON (Gatto/Hauser)

Ben Jammin

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  1. Saw you won all your games today. Congrats! Hope you can continue as such we shall be keeping a close eye on your progress.

    Will & Grandma