First round win

We had a marathon match in mid day heat today vs. some high flying Cubans. Thankfully we won in 3 sets 21-15, 25-27, 15-13, and I promptly took a cold shower so that I could lower my body temperature and get back to something that I rather enjoy, breathing. Sadly for everyone at home, I'm compensating by making a short blog. But, I will leave you with the tournament website:


And the tournament committee told us matches would be streamed on the following website:


But I'll be darned if I can navigate either website, because the English versions are not working for me. In the immortalized words of Ron Burgundy: "Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!"


Ben Jammin

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  1. hey benny! use google translate
    http://translate.google.com/ i found a picture of you in the gallery!