If only Dustin had been around this weekend, then all the Saxton kids would have been in one place for the first time since Christmas. Looks like he missed out. Meanwhile, my two sisters, Milou and Camille, and I were joined as Camille's team, the Oregon State Beavers, played a couple powerhouse teams from LA.

They played the UCLA Bruins the first night, who had just come off of a very solid victory versus the previously undefeated Stanford. I've never seen Camille's team play before, so I can't really say whether they played well or not, but they did take a set off their opponents and lost in 4. When comparing both teams records, I'd say that's not too shabby.

Saturday night saw the Beavers get off to a great start up 7 early against the USC Women of Troy. But the Californian team clawed their way back and won the first set in extra points. They went on to win the match 3-0. Camille got to play for the majority of this match, and when she was allowed to pass, she didn't miss a beat. Her skills are solid, and I keep telling her that as soon as she's ready for beach, VC would be lucky to have her.

After both games, we all managed to go grab some food. In case one of Camille's coaches is watching, she was a perfect little angel and only ate healthy food while the rest of us pigged out. Then we hung out at her hotel for a bit and did some catching up. I personally hadn't been in the same city as my little sister since last Christmas, so a good catchup was overdue.

It'll be Christmas again soon, and then the whole gang will be together again. Camille's gone back to Oregon with her team for now. I'm glad she's doing well, and I hope her team shows some fight for the second half of the season.

Go Beavers!

Ben Jammin

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