Sent Packing

Fold clothes.
Pack clothes.
Pack personal items.
Pack Computer
Zip up bags.
Unzip bag.
Unpack computer.
Unpack personal items.
Wear clothes.
Repeat again.
Repeat several more times after that over a 6 month+ season.

I have been folding and refolding my Overkill clothing so much over the last half year, I'm surprised Freddy hasn't given me the call to start stocking shelves at Canuckstuff (Yes that was a shameless sponsor plug, thanks for noticing). Though only before a trip. After a long week of playing where I'm left with a stack of soiled garments, I'll often just stuff them in my bag, thus dirtying the rest of my suitcase, and making stops equipped with laundry machines a real treat. And stops with mom to do said laundry extra special.

My packing skills have evolved over the course of the season, let's take a look:

Early Season:
I'm excited to travel, picking out all my favorite clothes, and buying items I'll need on the road. Checking and double checking to make sure I have everything. Filling my suitcase neatly to the brim, pushed right to the edge of any airlines weight limit. Two carry-on bags filled with miscellaneous junk to keep my occupied on the trip. Everything ready the day before I fly. Itinerary at the ready to keep me focused and make sure I'm on time for my flight.

Tired of travelling all summer, same clothes as always. Fewer even thanks to a couple trips back home and a dropping a few previously thought essential items. If I'm missing anything, the hotel will usually provide it. Suitcase as light as possible to make walking around airports easy. One carry-on holding all the essentials. Packing starts approximately 30 minutes before I leave for the airport, tossed in haphazardly if necessary. Itinerary locked to memory, no excess waste.

Laziness? Maybe. I prefer to look at it as upgrades in effeciency. I do consider packing a chore, and the less time spent performing the task the better. But it's getting late, so I think I'll pack it in.

Ben Jammin

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