Do What You Love, Love What You Do

March has begun, and the 2011 season is fast approaching. For those not in the know, I've spent my winter months on the beach volleyball court. Big surprise there. I would sound more excited if winter training were spent somewhere warm. On the plus side, the snow is starting to melt here in Toronto, and Canadian summer will be here before too long. From the sounds of things global warming is already hitting in Alberta, apparently it was a balmy -30 or so in Calgary the other day. So thinks could be worse out east I suppose. Fortunately, weather is the only thing I have to complain about. Once I escape the wind biting right to my core, and get onto the court, or into the gym, my spirits get heated right back up to melt any chilly thoughts I may have concerning the cold outside.

The climate isn't the only thing heating up as Spring creeps out from behind Wiarton Willy's shadow (who predicted early spring by the way, good call. Not.) Sand practices and workouts are picking up in intensity as well. I think next week, I'll bring my phone into on of my workouts and give everyone a little sample as they transition from strength to power. Which means today I talk about sand.

Sand comes in many different colors and gradients. Some is light, some is heavy.....................
Just kidding, I know no one wants to hear about the differences in sand right now. And no, my sand sculptures are not nearly as good as my snow creations. If you are interested in noting a difference or two, and you happen to be in Calgary, there are bottles filled with sand from several of the different venues that I've competed at over the past few years on display in the office of the Volleydome.

Sand training might be more what you came here to see, or read, or whatever (I still haven't completely decided whether I should be blogging as if readers are sitting beside me experiencing it with me, or whether I'm telling it as a story, I apologize if i tend to flip flop a little.) Since Christmas, beach partner Christian Redmann, have been put to work by friend/coach/mentor John Child, and National Team Head Coach Lennard Krapp. We spend a few days of every week with one, and few days with the other as they put us to work to help us develop in time for the start of the 2011 season. I'll post our summer schedule tomorrow on the right side of the page. We're looking to kick things off strong with a NORCECA in Guatemala, followed by an Olympic trials tournament in the Dominican Republic, both happening in mid to late April.

With only a month and a half to go before tournaments begin, we're moving to less reps, and more gameplay. Training in very competitive environments with many of Canada's top experienced and up and coming beach volleyball players. The list of regular training partners includes, (in no particular order): Rich Van Huizen, Josh Binstock, Matt Zbyscewski, Jessi Lelliott, Chaim Schalk, Martin Reader, Maverick Hatch, and Sam Schachter. You may have heard a few of the names, you almost certainly will hear of the others. The more we all work together, the more we all improve. Every Christian and I step on the court, it excites me that things are about to get into full gear pretty soon. 

I work myself hard almost every day, but my job is amazing.
Work = Play, Play = Fun, and I love fun, therefore:
I love what i do.

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