On the Brink

We're so close to getting some big wins its frustrating.

This past weekend, Christian and I qualified for the 3rd time to play in our 4th main draw of the season. We're succeeding in that area at least. As long as we keep making out of the qualifiers, our seed will increase little by little. Getting passed this weekend's qualifier, was no small accomplishment, don't get me wrong. We took a couple big wins in the pouring rain against two higher seeds, one of which being Georgia who've beaten me a couple times in the past. But in order to start making big jumps in the pecking order, we're going to have to start winning some of the money matches.

We're on the cusp of being great at the moment. We missed out on beating this tournaments eventual champions (Ricardo/Marcio) by less than a handful of sideouts. And did the same later that day against the Russians (Semenov/Likholetov) while they pummeled their serves into the heavy wind. Only to stumble on Canada day against an American team (Rosenthal/Gibb) that could do no wrong.

One or two more breaks could have made all the difference. Unfortunately, we weren't quite able to turn them in our favor just yet. Once we get that first big win, others will follow, but right now the hardest part is getting over that little hump. Our patience will only get us so far, once we hit that moment, the win won't be handed to us, we'll need to take it. But we will, and soon, because I'm getting sick of losing the close ones. As our coach, John Child, tells us - Bitter means Better. Meaning the more pissed off you are, the more likely you are to make something happen out of spite. I might not fully agree with the concept, but I do like the end result, so let's go for that.
Ben Jammin

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