It seems like the National Championships came early this year. Even though we've been competing since April, the summer felt like it has just blown by, and now here we are getting into the Fall. For those of you who followed the results on here, or Facebook, or any other source (not the VC website, which still has yet to post Nationals results) you know that Christian and I managed to end of the Summer in the best way possible. On Top.

In front of one of the biggest crowds I've seen at this event we played a really strong semi against two ex-National Champions (Rich Van Huizen and Chaim Schalk) and in the final we battled hard to beat the red hot Maverick Hatch and Sam Schachter, who had the top Canadian results in every event held in Canada this Summer up until that point. We went in to the tournament as the number 1 seed, but between fellow countrymen, the seeding doesn't always mean much, especially considering how high a level all teams are playing at these days. In the end, the top 4 seeds did make it to the semi final, but none of us made it in straight sets. Considering most of the teams there consisted of guys around my age, or even younger, I'm expecting Nationals to get only stronger, which is great news for the development of all of us in the future.

Am I happy? Absolutely. I'll need to win 10 more times before I'm through to surpass Mark Heese's record of ten total, and I hope every one tastes as sweet as this one. Sure we whine and complain about the steep entry fee, and smaller than normal prize money, but we are prideful creatures, and when it comes down to it, we all want to win this tournament just as badly as any other. This year, the crown is ours.

Congratulations to Kacie MacTavish and Julie Rodrigue who won the women's side, and thanks to everyone who posted on our facebook group and "liked" our comments. And thanks especially to sponsors, friends, and family who came out to watch in person, because we love to show off what we're capable of in front of you, and we love to make you proud.

Ben Jammin

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