Welcome Home

The first words spoken to us upon our arrival at our hotel in in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It`s not quite how I picture home, but I like it nonetheless. It implies that Mexico is a place to kick your feet up and relax, my kind of place. We don`t get mama's home cooking, but the hotel staff do try to make sure guests are always enjoying themselves. Even if that does mean we have to turn down several cervezas per meal to keep ourselves game ready, it's hard not to relax in this atmosphere

As soon as we leave the hotel, however, all hell breaks loose. This NORCECA is as disorganized as any before. A comedy of errors as I've come to expect on this tour, self-proclaimed the best tour in the world.
-The courts are still being fixed as we speak with gameplay starting less than 24 hours from now, The venue itself is still a long way from done, they say it will look great for the Pan Am Games in a few weeks, but that doesn't help us for this weekend.
-We're still trying to figure out the whole FIVB points situation, we hear something new about that every day.
-During our practice this morning at 11 we heard we needed to check in to the tournament by 1:30. So we get back to the hotel early and find out they've changed check in to 4, and not earlier.

Standard NORCECA.
As long as the nets go high enough by the time the games start, I'll be happy. Then after a hopefully strong result this weekend we can go back to Canada and really be welcomed home..... before having to come back a few weeks from now for the Pan American games.

Ben Jammin

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