So You're Saying There's a Chance

As many of you know by now, Canada is going to the Olympics in Beach Volleyball. Both men and women won the NORCECA Continental Cup in Mexico not too long ago (No thanks to a certain technical supervisor who is constantly trying to screw us over), and so we have not one, but two teams that will go to represent the maple leaf in London. With less than a month before the Opening Ceremonies, there remain but 2 teams per gender vying for that honor, Christian and I being one of those teams. One match, winner takes all, who could ask for a better opportunity?

Saturday, July 7th at Ashbridges Bay
Heather Bansley and Liz Maloney vs. Annie Martin and Marie-Andree Lessard at 1pm EST
Ben Saxton and Christian Redmann vs. Josh Binstock and Martin Reader at 3pm EST

I think I've gotten more words of support and encouragement these last couple weeks than ever before in my career. If all goes well, I'll have even more over the next month. Thanks to all the social media sites these days, I get to see each and every personal message. If you have made or will make a comment for me somewhere, it will be read by me, that's a promise.

This blog is basically a mass thank you. I've already heard from cousins, teammates, coaches, old high school friends, even people I've never met, and I feel your support now, and will continue appreciating it as my careers moves along. I want to be the best, and it really helps to have the best supporters along the way.
So thank you to all past, present, and future followers.

But a special thank you to the sponsors and other parties who have given me direct support with money and product to help me in every way they can. You can find a link to all of the following on the right:
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KT Tape

I do what I do because I love to do it, and all your support make me love it that much more.

Ben Jammin